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Daniel Baldwin
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Daniel Leroy Baldwin
Actor, regizor, producator
Locul Nasterii
Massapequa, Long Island, New York, USA
Father: Alexander Rae Baldwin, Jr. (history teacher, d. 1983, cancer) Mother: Carol Brother: Alec Baldwin Brother: William Baldwin Brother: Stephen Baldwin Sister: Elizabeth Keuchler Sister: Jane Sasso Wife: Cheryl Baldwin (div.) Wife: Elizabeth Baldwin (m. 1990, div. 1996) Girlfriend: Isabella Hofmann (1994-) Daughter: Kahlea (b. 1983) Son: Atticus (b. 13-Jul-1996, by Isabella) High School: Berner High School, Massapequa, NY (1979) Drug Overdose (crack cocaine) Plaza Hotel, New York City 2-Feb-1998 unknown detox facility 1998 Drug Paraphernalia Possession New York City 2-Feb-1998, charge dropped Drug Possession: Cocaine New York City 2-Feb-1998, charge dropped Disorderly Conduct May-1998 Drug Paraphernalia Possession Santa Monica, CA (22-Apr-2006) Drug Possession: Cocaine Santa Monica, CA (22-Apr-2006) Risk Factors: Cocaine TELEVISION Homicide: Life on the Street Det. Beauregard Felton (1993-95) Celebrity Fit Club Himself (2005) FILMOGRAPHY AS DIRECTOR Fall (30-Jan-2001) FILMOGRAPHY AS ACTOR Paparazzi (03-Sep-2004) Irish Eyes (22-Jul-2004) Bare Witness (17-Apr-2002) The Real Deal (2002) Fall (30-Jan-2001) Killing Moon (25-May-2000) Homicide: The Movie (13-Feb-2000) Net Worth (2000) In Pursuit (2000) Silicon Towers (17-Nov-1999) Active Stealth (1999) The Treat (11-Oct-1998) On the Border (Oct-1998) Phoenix (7-Aug-1998) Vampires (15-Apr-1998) The Pandora Project (1998) Fallout (1998) Desert Thunder (1998) Twisted Desire (13-May-1996) Trees Lounge (11-May-1996) Mulholland Falls (26-Apr-1996) Yesterday's Target (1996) Family of Cops (26-Nov-1995) Car 54, Where Are You? (28-Jan-1994) Attack of the 50 Ft. Woman (11-Dec-1993) Hero (2-Oct-1992) Knight Moves (14-Jan-1992) Harley Davidson and the Marlboro Man (23-Aug-1991) Nothing But Trouble (15-Feb-1991) Born on the Fourth of July (20-Dec-1989) L.A. Takedown (27-Aug-1989)

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